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ASP.NET Application Development ASP.NET is Microsoft's latest programming framework used to create custom applications ranging from small websites to enterprise-class web applications.

We at Net Infinity have strong experience in developing solutions ranging from small to enterprise-class web applications using ASP.NET. With extensive experience in ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# and Web Services, we are able to harness the full power of .NET Technology for our clients. To discuss about your requirements, please write to us at

What is the .NET Framework

The .NET Framework consists of many class libraries and includes multiple language support. It provides a common execution platform for developers. It helps create globally distributed software with interoperability. It's a very flexible foundation on which many different types of top class applications can be developed that do different things. Developing Internet applications with the .NET Framework is very easy. ASP.NET is built into this framework, we can create ASP.NET applications using any of the built-in languages.

ASP.NET uses the Common Language Runtime (CLR) provided by the .NET Framework. The CLR manages execution of the code. ASP.NET code is compiled CLR code instead of interpreted code (ASP). The CLR makes simplifies the development of Web applications.

Our Expertise with ASP.NET

  • Application Development using .NET 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.5
  • Web enabling Business Processes
  • Migrating legacy applications to ASP.NET
  • Performance Optimization of .NET applications
  • .NET Application Maintenance
  • .NET Application Documentation

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