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Have a well defined project scope? Engage us using the fixed price model to benefit and pass on all the risk to us.

A Fixed Price Model essentially involves quoting a fixed price for your project after a careful analysis of the requirements. We define the project scope and map the delivery to a timeline with milestones. We essentially take on all of the risk on this business model. Payments can be made either monthly or spread across milestones. Talk to us today to determine if this model is ideal for your current project engagement.

What factors do we consider when pricing a project based on the Fixed Price Model?

Project Scope
An obvious factor to consider when defining a fixed price of a project is the Project Scope. Detailed Scope Definition by developing a broad WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) helps clarify and evaluate project scope to either parties.

Highly complex projects which require progressive elaboration over a period of time usually involve more resources in the project execution phase, hence affecting fixed price.

External factors may cause the natural project timelines to be compressed. Agressive timelines due to external factors can cause a fixed price to be affected.

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