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PHP Application Development Are you looking at acheiving a low cost open-source solution for your website or your e-venture? Using PHP is the best low-cost option to building an extraordinary solution. Our PHP developers are experienced and well positioned to handle customised development using LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL,Perl/PHP/Python) ranging from simple to complex web applications.

PHP : Quick Overview

Broader Platform Support
PHP and MySQL support a plethora of popular platforms like Linux, Microsoft Windows, HP-UX, Mac OS X, IBM AIX, Solaris and various flavours of Unix

Cost-effective Customised PHP solutions to reduce costs
PHP is Open Source and hence freely available. You dont have to pay for any system upgrades. This brings down your total cost of ownership.

Improves Speed-to-market
Utilizing pre-packaged PHP modules helps bring down the development time for your custom solution by 30% approximately.

Solutions Developed

Quick Overview of the kind of solutions we have developed using PHP/MySQL :

  • Dynamic Product Catalogue with Thumbnail generation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • E-Commerce Storefronts
  • Online Shipment Tracking System
  • Employee Scheduling System
  • AJAX enabled Customised PHP solutions
  • Ticket-based Customer Support System
  • Customised Content Management Solutions

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