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Convert your business-critical desktop applications to the web. Increase efficiency by transforming your applications to deliver information on demand

Our Service Offerings

Convert your Application to a Web based Solution
We understand your legacy application and convert it to a secure web based application making it accessible on demand from any location.

Seamless Data Exchange from your application
With the use of XML, Web Services and SOAP, we can provide a seamless way to exchange information with your business partners.

Data Export and Conversion
We help you transfer and setup your legacy database information to an online database.

A Few Examples
  • Conversation Management System
  • Employees Attendance Tracking
  • Corporate Intranet
  • Timesheets Submittals and Reporting
Top Reasons to Web Enable your Business

Realtime Availability
You can access business critical information on demand using a web browser anytime, anywhere! A secure web system helps business by making information available readily.

Easy to work remotely
A web based application hosted online makes it possible for your employees to telecommute. Information is available timely to business entities.

Improved Efficiency
Web enabling your business application brings in a host of benefits. Your customers, suppliers and employees can now and/or submit any information/requests online. This results in increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Thin Client Model
To run a web based system, all you need is a web browser. All processing happens on the server. The user employee/customer/supplier) does not need to have any software dependencies to be able to work with the application.

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